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    Quicker-Smarter-Effortless Payroll

    HR&L Payroll offers you HR&L, a web based user-friendly accessible system for the complete automation of Payroll Services and Income Tax Processing.

    HR&L is a comprehensive, flexible and robust system that can handle the complex payroll processing, labour law and salary TDS calculation as and when required. Whatever be the size or type of your business, either manufacturing, service or trading, HR&L can easily be configured to meet your requirements perfectly with the help of its built-in tools.

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    Leave Management

    Quicker-Smarter-Effortless Way to manage leave

    Leave management, also called time-off management, is the set of processes that controls the application, approval and tracking of employee leave in an organization. Tasks include routing the application through multiple decision-makers, notifying payroll, and communicating with employee attendance records and organizational time-off or leave policies.

    Just the thought of balancing business obligations while keeping employees happy strikes fear in an HR exec’s heart. Is leave management without proper technology really as gruesome as it sounds, or is this just plain exaggeration?

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    Time and Attendance

    Geofencing attributed

    A geofence is a virtual barrier or perimeter around a real-world geographic area. This virtual boundary can tied to a physical location (e.g., a house, school, or store), or it can be dynamically generated with a radius around specific latitudinal and longitudinal points.

    Geofencing ensures that remote employees are working where they should be without being able to abuse the time and attendance system by clocking in from their couch.

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    Performance Management

    Launching workplace nuclear energy

    The execution administration framework is a constant procedure of characterizing and conveying the activity parts and duties, execution desires, goals and set their needs between boss (administrator) and subordinates (workers). It incorporates association, office and representative shared objective and targets which are lined up with frameworks and assets. It is the channel of providing clarity about goals and also to improve the business processes through various methods and mechanism.


Digitization and automation are transforming the workplace. In today’s constantly-connected world, the lines between the physical office and where work actually happens are blurring. Advances in technology – from email and social media tools to HR applications and virtual meeting platforms – are improving the employee experience and increasing efficiency and productivity.

explore the technologies that are driving collaboration, innovation and productivity in ways that accommodate a multi-generational workforce and individual workplace preferences. Instead of battling against the natural evolution of the workplace, join us to learn about the tools necessary to embrace this trend.

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HR and The Future of Work

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